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Big e-commerce marketplace and shopping platforms are always about competition among sellers and never about building brand loyalty.

Stop worrying about losing a chance against the cheapest out there. Focus on showcasing your high-quality products and services to reach out to loyal customers. Do it from your Shopswired storefront, or wire your products and shop to your own website or blog - or both!

This time, it is about your brand.

* Physical, made to order, and digital merchandise are all supported.

Experience Flexible Delivery Options

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Selling digital products? We got you covered with instant downloads!

Your file will be accessible to your customer as soon as the payment process is completed! Convenient for you and your customers.

Got sensitive physical products? Limit purchases where you can deliver without compromising the quality of your product.

Shopswired lets you limit delivery services based on a proximity from your location. This way - you won't have to raise your prices too much just to cover unforeseen situations due to logistics that are way too far from your coverage.

Give More To Your Customers

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Thanksgiving? Christmas?! New Year?!?!

Make anyday a holiday by running deals and promotions on your store. You can easily add coupons and share them to your customers anytime!

Rewarding your loyal customers - holiday or not - is one way to give back and make sure they are kept happy.

Happy customers, happy you!

Be at Ease with Simplicity and Security

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Your customers are never asked to create an account just to complete a purchase and we never have to store sensitive data including credit card or banking information.

One less step for your customers' shopping experience. One less liability for you.

**We use Stripe to process payment. Stripe is a leading secure payment processing infrastructure used by many established online businesses. To learn more about Stripe, visit their website.

Shopswired empowers creators

Music teacher gets paid for practice sheets she designed herself

Aira has been passionate about music since she was four years old. Nowadays, she teaches music to kids and beginner adults.

To supplement her students' learning journey, she started creating practice sheets containing daily/weekly/monthly goals and published them in Shopswired. These sheets are completely optional for her students, and if interested, can be purchased at reasonable prices.

"I was surprised at the turnout since a lot of them liked it and said it was very helpful for them."

For her next goal, she is working on full step-by-step video tutorials of popular songs which will be easy to publish with Shopswired's multimedia support.


Printable activity sheets for kids

A mom of three, Lisa enjoys creating printable activity sheets for her kids. Her collection grew so much that she decided to turn it into an income stream.

"I just thought, maybe there are others out there like me who would like to use these sheets but doesn't really have time to make them, and to my surprise, there's a lot of them and they are actually buying my work!"

Aside from activity sheets, her collection also includes other fun activities like scavenger hunt, arts and crafts patterns and other printables available thru instant download in Shopswired.


Shopswired supports local businesses

Local Farmer Resolves Logistic Issues

Color Works sells plants on Etsy but faces a big problem with the logistics.

"People orders some Crape Myrtles but they live so far away that I'd rather just cancel their order and refund them earlier than ship plants that gets damaged on its way which I'd have to refund anyway."

With Shopswired, sellers can change visibility to customers within delivery radius.


Health conscious home baker takes custom orders online

Ketochen started baking low carb, sugar free and gluten free desserts for her family. On special occasions, she bakes their own cakes and other desserts. Some of her health conscious friends convinced her to sell them especially since its so hard to find them locally. And so she did!

"I love the messaging feature of Shopswired. It allows me and my customers to have a transparent conversation within the orders for things they want personalization for. Sometimes I'll get customers who can't tolerate eggs, dairy or coconut oil. They tell me about it and I customize for them."


Local rancher meets with loyal customers

Mike sells grass-fed beef and other pasture meats in some parts of Texas and personally delivers them to his customers' doors.

"They love how the beef tastes! It's so much better than the ones from the groceries! I even have customers who relocated to somewhere outside of my delivery range but still orders from me. They pick it up on Saturdays when I'm on farmer's market."

Shopswired enables pick up option to allow customers to pick up their purchase.


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